These are the first 3 people I ever followed on twitter. The...

These are the first 3 people I ever followed on twitter. The first time I ever seen @britneyspears on tv she lit up the entire screen and has always been my biggest inspiration for performance. I know alot of people question her understated vocals often, but the girl has somethin unique and special that makes her music addictive! The first time I heard @kellyclarkson was the Finale of American Idol. She opened up her mouth and I said “holy fuck who the hell is this?!?” Followed by “clearly she’s gonna win!” Over the years she has be another inspiration of mine for always being humble and real. The voice is undeniable but that personality is what keeps people coming back. @ddlovato or “Mini “Kelly” as I’ve always called her has an emotional voice that moves me anytime I hear it. The first time I heard her on Camp Rock i said “That girl is gonna be hugely successful!” She’s my second biggest vocal idol after Kelly. But on a personal note I can relate so much to these ladies struggles. The fact they have held onto their dreams throughout all the body issues, mental health problems, and doing it all in the public eye is shocking. I’m not as strong as they are. One day I hope to be. I never realized how much they inspired me til I looked at a list of all my covers over the past few years. Of course I have countless other musical inspirations, but the last one I’ll mention that is not pictured here (that i am following) is @iamjojo Like Demi her voice is piercing and emotional. I remember the first time hearing her song I couldn’t believe so much voice came out of a 12-13 year old girl. She stood her ground against her label a few years ago even at the cost of possibly not furthering her own career. She’s definitely a strong woman. These are the main artists that have shaped me over the last couple decades. I know they are all women, but I also don’t care. It’s what I’ve always gravitated toward musically and who I can relate the most to, and draw the most inspiration from for a plethora of reasons. I wanna know who inspires you? #britneyspears #kellyclarkson #demilovato #jojo #inspiration #whoinspiresyou

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