The picture on the left was taken Nov 2014.🤦🏼‍♂️I had no idea at...

The picture on the left was taken Nov 2014.🤦🏼‍♂️I had no idea at that time how big I actually was and allowed myself to get.🤷🏼‍♂️I decided January 2015 I would start not just a diet but a lifestyle change.🤔It was so hard!😦Like I mean 8th grade english hard!😂💀But, I knew I was headed into scary territory when the scale said 245lbs.😱That’s when I found the 21 day no junk food challenge.🙋🏼‍♂️The first time I did it I lost 10lbs.😁I was so proud of myself reaching that point I decided to eat whatever I wanted for a week, then start it again.😊That went on for about 4 months and I realized just diet wasn’t cutting it.😫So i bought a stationary bike thinking I’ll just bike and watch tv it’ll just help the weight fall right off.🚴🏼I got down to 230lbs and I just kind of plateu’d which was discouraging.😑I had been looking into cold laser treatments with a company in Fargo called Slim Ambition.🙂I really wanted to try and see if it could help me get down to my next goal which was 215lbs.😋I was skeptical like anyone else but with drinking 100oz of water a day, doing treatments 3x a week and working out after on my bike for 3 months I could see the weight slide off and reveal this different body I hadn’t seen in years!😍By the start of 2016 I had gotten down to 210lbs.😮That’s a total of 35lbs in one year!😎But I wasn’t done yet, however my body had other plans.😶I slipped off my diet and got rid of my bike.😐I don’t know if you know this but that shit hurts your ass and gets very boring after awhile and you just lose your drive.😕I was starting to see some of the weight coming back when I found Anytime Fitness!🙌🏼I got a gym membership and added on tanning!👌🏼Now I know some people say tanning is bad for you but for people like me who suffer from depression and anxiety it’s a god send.🤗I like the glow it gives my skin and I started moisturizing and using spf more and I only do it couple times a week.😝When I started back at the gym I had already gained 10lbs but I was determined to get back on track.💪🏼I started going 3x week and really running my ass off to get this weight back down.🏃🏼I never said or claimed this weight loss crap was going to be easy but I’m here to tell you and show you that if you keep at it and do it the right way you can reach your goals.🙏🏼This month March of 2017 the picture on the right was taken and I am proud to say I am 205lbs!☺️For those paying attention thats 40 lbs in a little over 24 mos!😜I had setbacks, I got discouraged, I had obstacles and I’m still not finished but I’m here living the life I am meant to and loving every minute of it!😍A healthier and happier me.😏

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