My #transformationtuesday brought to you by car selfies! When I...

My #transformationtuesday brought to you by car selfies! When I was #dieingtobethin I was literally starving myself and even contemplated purging what I was consuming. I would eat barely once a day and spend the rest of my time being an aimless fuckboy. I don’t regret my decisions or my past, but looking back now I see how unhealthy my choices were during this period of my life. In the 2nd picture I was #eatingmyfeelings due to the end of a relationship. It was only the second one I have ever been in at the time. We were together for almost 3 years and was sometimes the worst emotional rollercoaster of my life. Very toxic and unhealthy. After we broke up I was very depressed and lonely and food comforted me. I blew up to a whopping 245 lbs. I look back on that time period and think how gross I felt about myself from the inside out. Flash forward to today #happilyhealthy and I haven’t felt this good about myself and my life possibly ever. I’m so excited to see where my life takes me, and it’s hard to believe just a few months ago I was very depressed contemplating suicide on a daily basis. I know now that the pain and struggles I have had throughout my life were all bringing me up to this moment. Of course shit happens and life on occasion tries to suck, but how I deal with it now is dramatically different. I share this with all of you for one reason. I need others to know it does get better. Whatever negative things you’re going through or bad feelings you could have right now it does get so much better. But it doesn’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without a fight. You have to want things to change. You have to reach down deep and pull yourself up.

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